Men's 3rd Division

Once a Knight, Always a Knight

The Calgary Knights 3rd Division prides itself on a go-forward mindset and a never-quit attitude. We work for, and with, each other to achieve common goals and to continuously improve both on and off the field. We constantly think and act with purpose, believe in noble causes, and relentlessly seek the greater good throughout each campaign.


If this sounds like you, reach out and consider joining us on our next crusade!

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Women's Sevens

Playing to Win

New in 2019, the Calgary Knights Women's Sevens program is an exhibition side that travels the province for tournament play.

Social on the surface, but technical and competitive at heart, our ladies are quickly becoming the pride of Camelot! If you are interested in a women’s program that is low cost, low commitment, AND receives the same training and resources as a full time men’s program then reach out and consider a seat at the Round Table!

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